Colic SOS: Expert colic advice

When colic strikes, many parents are left feeling helpless, frustrated and overwhelmed. With Becky’s expert advice, proven colic tips and techniques, you can work together to discover what is cause of colic, find the right remedy and restore balance to your family life.

Step 1: Getting to Know You

Tell us all about your baby's colic and the colic remedies you've already tried.

Step 2: Expert Consultancy

Receive a bespoke, one-to-one clinic session with Becky, the colic expert.

Step 3: Colic Treatment Plan

Receive your bespoke colic care plan and a complementary follow-up consultation.

Finding the right colic remedy for your baby

Simplifying Colic

Colic can be complicated and overwhelming. Colic SOS is here to help by making it simple.

Get expert one-to-one expert colic advice to find the right baby colic remedy for your baby.

Colic Treatment Centre

Bespoke support for you and your colicky baby

Feeling Overwhelmed?
I'm Here to Support You

Colic SOS is your expert guiding hand through colic.
Together, we will discover the cause of your baby’s colic and find the right remedy for you. 


What parents have said


"Becky really helped me with one of my twin boys who was really struggling with colic. I couldn't believe it after weeks of crying, he fell asleep during a massage session. This may not sound like much of a big deal but he would never just fall asleep so it was amazing. Becky is really special and what she doesn't know about colic, isn't worth knowing. She was the only one to spot my son's silent reflux even after multiple visits to the doctors. I would recommend her services 100%"

Abi & Oscar
emily and james-colic-sos

"Thank you Becky for all the help and advice to get through the colic. Your help has made so much difference to my little family and to my self-confidence with my baby. I fully recommend this course and so does my happy boy".

Emily & James
tim lisa jack colic review

Having seen Becky’s services on Facebook we looked at her website and made contact. Becky immediately put us at ease and was exceptionally knowledgeable from the outset. We had an in-depth conversation and consultation regarding Jack’s symptoms. This process was easy to complete with Becky’s guidance. There are so many services ‘out there’ that provide colic ‘solutions and remedies’ but it’s hard to distinguish which ones will actually work. Becky does not take a one size fits all approach. We felt that she completely understood our position and what Jack was going through because the support and advice she gave was bespoke and consistent. As a family we really could not recommend Becky enough.

Tim, Lisa, & Jack
Help your colicky baby stop crying

Feeling Exhausted?

Colic is exhausting for both parent and child.

I can provide the one-to-one support to say goodbye to your colicky baby and say hello to more sleep, calmer days and a happier family.