fourth trimester
Womb to World;
Fourth Trimester
Online Course

The Womb to World; The Fourth Trimester online course guides you through the first three months of your baby’s life, explaining your baby’s development. 

The fourth trimester online course demonstrates how to create an environment that emulates the womb to provide a comforting environment for your baby as they adapt to the world. Learn skills to help settle and soothe your baby through baby massage, baby yoga and comforting holds.

 This course also empowers parents to help their newborn, gassy baby, with understanding of how the baby’s digestion works, gain skills to effectively relieve trapped air and gas and aid digestion too.

The fourth trimester describes the first three months of your baby’s life. This is when babies transition from the womb into the world.

1 – The course features hours of content including ‘how to’ video’s, baby massage techniques and interviews with specialists.

2 – Learn at your leisure with life-time access to the course.

3 – Join the dedicated Facebook community to receive support from other mummies.

4 – Bonus material including guided relaxations, spotify playlists and maternal mental health discussions.

Womb to World was written by Rebecca Palmer, a UK-based qualified colic expert, baby massage and baby yoga specialist. Rebecca has helped 1000+ families in the UK.

To find out more about Becky, visit the Meet Becky page.

Expanding your knowledge on the Fourth Trimester can only help your baby.

Learn how to soothe your baby, provide comfort and improve sleep… this not only helps baby but also your family home life balance.

enrol to a lifetime license to the womb to world course

Learn skills to give your baby a happier start to life

Receive expert, qualified guidance from Becky. 

Join a community of like minded Mums for support and friendship.

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Online Course

Womb to World

Hours of content
Bespoke videos by Becky
Lifetime access
Join the community
Bonus material included

One-off consultation

Expert advice

1-hour video call
Your baby's colic explained
Treatment suggestions
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