What is Colic?

Colic is clinically diagnosed for a baby that is crying for more than three hours, three days a week, for a three week period, but is otherwise healthy. This diagnosis is fine but it does not help you understand why your baby is so distressed.

There can be many causes of colic but the main causes are:

  1. The Fourth Trimester – this is when your baby is transitioning from the womb to the world and it becomes overwhelming.
  2. Wind and Gas – this is when your baby is struggling to pass wind
  3. Reflux – this is when your baby is being sick after each feed
  4. Silent Reflux – this is when your baby is struggling with acid in the stomach
  5. Allergies and Lactose Intolerance –  a reaction in the gut to the milk
  6. Overstimulated – baby becomes overtired/over stimulated. This often results in the ‘witching hour’.

When you sign up to Colic S.O.S, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire. This will lead onto a one-to-one bespoke consultancy session followed by receipt of a bespoke treatment plan. Lastly, you will also receive a 45-minute follow-up session with me, to ensure your colic treatment plan is working.

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