One of the most popular colic remedies in the US is Colic Calm. It’s now becoming popular in the UK market too so thanks to Colic Calm who sent me their goodies, I asked a client to put it to the test. Read on for a Colic Calm review.

What is Colic Calm?

Colic Calm is a herbal remedy that is similar to a type of gripe water. However what makes this different is that the ingredients are natural rather than the usual sodium bicarbonate, sugar and oils.

It contains 8 active homeopathic remedies including chamomile, vegetable carbon, fennel, caraway, peppermint, ginger, lemon balm and blackthorn.

Vegetable Carbon

The vegetable carbon gives the colic remedy a black tar consistency which could immediately put some parents off from using it. My advice is to make sure you have a bib or avoid giving it when your baby is wearing their best clothes in case of spills.

So why use vegetable carbon? It helps to negate gas, bloating and digestive cramps. If your baby is struggling with trapped wind and gas then this can help because it absorbs the gas as it passes through the intestines. As the carbon isn’t absorbed by the body (it just passes through), it collects gas, toxins and waste and out it comes when your baby poops. Making this the star ingredient!

And the other ingredients….

Peppermint and ginger are well known for aiding digestion and chamomile is popular for it’s soothing abilities so it makes sense for these ingredients to be included but what do the other ingredients do?

Lemon balm is used for gas and compliments the peppermint. Both caraway and fennel can ease gastric spasms and relieve flatulence. Blackthorn has properties which can relieve colic spasms and also can encourage regularity so great for babies who are a little infrequent when it comes to baby poo. This could help babies who struggle with baby grunting syndrome.

Client Review

Thanks to Colic Calm who sent me a variety of their products to review.. I asked my client Kayleigh to try the Colic Calm Herbal Remedy (gripe water alternative) and the probiotics with her son Issac who was presenting with typical colic symptoms of frequent crying, hard tummy and flatulence. Here is her Colic Calm review;

I recently checked to see how Kayleigh had got on, 1 month later;

Hi Kayleigh. How is Issac getting along?

Issac is doing so well. Who knew that colic was masking such a happy little boy. I feel like we are getting to know him now.

That’s amazing news. How did you find the Colic Calm Herbal Remedy?

Colic Calm has definitely helped. It seems to act really quickly and 9/10 Issac settles after one dose. In the rare occassions that he doesn’t settle then we give him a second dose as per the instructions. It’s rare that he has his extended crying sessions now but he can be fractious in the evening and that’s when we use it.

Brilliant! I’m so glad the product worked for you all. How did Issac like the taste?

He loved it. No problem with him getting to take it at all. We use a Calpol syringe to administer it and it works great.

Did you have any concerns about using it?

The colour is black and I managed to get it on his forehead the other day but thankfully it came off in the bath.

Thank you so much Kayleigh, I’m so happy that I was able to help and that Colic Calm worked for you too.

I Love a Happy Ending

It’s always so wonderful when I hear back from clients that they were able to take advice given during our consultation, put it into practice and see a huge improvement in their baby. Here’s one family that we managed to simplify colic and able to find a product that helped too.

*It is with thanks to Colic Calm for providing the product to test. I confirm that opinions are my own and that of my client. You can find out more information at Colic Calm.