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We'll find your baby's perfect Colic remedy

I’ll develop a bespoke colic treatment plan for your baby and support you through every step

Get expert colic help at home

Colic SOS

90-minute consultation + personal treatment plan + online course


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Colic Call

30-minute call with Becky with instant advice + online course


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About Colic SOS

Colic expert, Rebecca Palmer, provides parents with a bespoke colic baby consultancy programme to find the root cause of your baby’s colic and the suitable remedies.

Find your bespoke colic remedy

We'll Find your Baby's Perfect Colic Remedy

Your expertly guided roadmap to truly help your baby. 

Put a stop to the feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, and fustrated.

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Online Course

Fourth Trimester

Guidance through the 4th Trimester
Hours of expert content by Becky
Lifetime, 24/7 access


Quick Expert Advice

30-minute consultancy clinic
Lifetime access to online course

Colic SOS

Affordable, personalised care

90-minute consultancy clinic
Bespoke treatment plan
Lifetime access to online course