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Infacol for the Reflux Baby

Infacol for the Reflux Baby

Infacol is one of the ‘go to’ colic products for parents who are facing the struggles of a colicky baby. But, can you use Infacol for reflux? This condition can often mask itself as colic like symptoms and many believe that colic and reflux can co-exist independently. Although, I am of the view that colic is a sweeping diagnosis given to an unsettled baby, rather than a condition itself. Reflux can be one of the causes of the colic symptoms, rather than being a separate condition from colic.

Would you like to know more about the symptoms of reflux? Discover if your baby’s crying is because of reflux.

What causes reflux?

There are various causes of reflux from misdiagnosed allergies, conditions such as larynomalacia to something as simple as excessive intake of air. The intake of air is such a simple but often overlooked cause of reflux symptoms. The air pushes up the stomach contents, causing baby to often be sick as well as being very uncomfortable.  

Stomach acid is also a concern for babies with reflux and this is why many of the gripe water remedies claims to neutralise acid in the stomach. Babies with severe symptoms of reflux are medicated with proton pump inhibitors such as Omeprazole. This stops the stomach from creating too much acid in the hope to prevent the backwash of the acid up the oesophagus. Learn more about acid reflux medications, how they work and the side effects.

What is Infacol?

With so many parents reaching for Infacol, it’s time to take a closer look to see if it can help babies struggling with reflux.  

Infacol is an anti-foaming agent with the active ingredient being simeticone.  The remedy claims to reduce the surface tension of bubbles of trapped gas by joining the smaller bubbles together. This makes it easier for the gas to be passed by the baby.

It also contains an natural orange flavouring (probably to mask the bitterness of the artificial sweetner used within the product). The addition of this orange flavouring causes concern, as it is acidic in nature. A ‘natural flavouring’ means the essence or extraction of the oil of the orange.  Orange tends to have a pH level of 3.5 (similar to the acid level of wine).  

An aggravation of reflux symptoms

It is the acidic nature of Infacol that causes concern. Foods which are high in acid can aggravate reflux symptoms. The acidity of the orange can contribute to the burning of the already damaged and raw oesophagus caused by the reflux. This is perhaps explains why many families find that their reflux baby seems worse after using this remedy.

It is for this reason why I recommend families to stop using Infacol, if their baby presents with reflux symptoms.

Does your baby’s colic & reflux symptoms seem overwhelming? Trying to understand what is causing your baby’s distress seem overly complicated at times. I can help you with this as I offer a consultation service which aims to simplify your baby’s colic, so you can stop spending a fortune on medications, remedies and bottles and get your baby back to being happy. If you would like more information on my services then you can find out more or why not book a free 15 minute call with me.  

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