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The 6 Causes of Colic

The 6 Causes of Colic

Colic is clinically diagnosed for a baby that is crying for more than three hours, three days a week, for a three week period, but is otherwise healthy. This is a sweeping diagnosis that only deals with the symptoms and not the root cause. It does not help you understand what are the causes of colic, which causes so much frustration for parents.

The Main Causes

There are various causes of colic but the main 6 causes are:

  1. The Fourth Trimester – this is when your baby is transitioning from the womb to the world and it becomes overwhelming. For more information on the Fourth Trimester and the online course, please click here
  2. Wind and Gas – this is when your baby is struggling to pass wind and suffers with trapped air bubbles. A newborn baby’s digestion is immature at birth and it can take up to 4 months for a baby’s digestion to adequately mature.
  3. Reflux – this is when your baby is being sick after each feed and often uncomfortable, especially when he is laid down flat. For more information on reflux, please click here
  4. Silent Reflux – this is when your baby is struggling with acid in the stomach but is not usually sick. A baby with silent reflux often arches his back and is miserable throughout the day and especially at night when he is laid flat.
  5. Milk Allergies – this is a reaction in the gut to the milk, usually the cow’s milk protein. A baby usually has baby eczema or a skin rash as well as being miserable. For more inforation on milk allergies in babies, click here
  6. Overstimulated – baby becomes overtired/over stimulated. This often results in the ‘witching hour’. For more information on the witching hour see here

How can Colic SOS help?

I can help you to understand the cause of your baby’s colic via the one-to-one bespoke consultancy service. Through an in depth questionnaire and thorough consultations, we can get to the root cause of your baby’s distress and help you have a happier baby. I also provide support for parents too so you aren’t on your own but guided through this difficult time so that the whole family is calmer and more settled.

Want to know more? Click here for more information about my services;

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