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My Bump 2 Baby Expert Podcast

My Bump 2 Baby Expert Podcast

I am delighted to be featured as a guest colic expert on the My Bump to Baby Expert Podcast. In my colic expert podcast episode, I discuss all things colic, helping parent understand this complex area.

I tackle the big questions of ‘what colic is’, ‘when colic will end’ and ‘how to prevent colic’. I also share my tips on how to help your colicky baby through this difficult period.

Thank you to Carla Lett for hosting the podcast. I really enjoyed speaking with her and sharing my knowledge with her listeners. You can listen to my episode here. Do get in contact to let me know if you enjoyed the podcast and found it helpful.

The mission of Colic SOS

I am on a mission to simplify colic for parents by sharing much needed, easy to digest, information. When you consult Dr Google, you are bombarded with so much conflicting information that it is not a surprise that parents are often overwhelmed and frustrated.

Colic SOS is here to provide clear, simple advice that gets to the root of the issue. Helping create happier babies and happier families. Fur further information on how I can help your family, then you’ll find the details of my services here

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